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    Supply Finance Service

    Open Account Payment (O/A) Service

    O/A means sales on account or sell on credit, a method with credits given to buyers for a certain period without any mortgage. TCF accepts importers who ever imported from china and have a plan to place an order again to apply for O/A 60-120 days service. TCF will pay the balance for importers to their suppliers after all the necessary shipping and commercial documents are ready, and importers need to pay the loads and interests back within 60-120 days. In fact, O/A is typically used between established and trusted traders. But usually, the suppliers in China always refused to accept 60, 90, or even 120 days delayed payments. If you cooperate with us, we can help you give the payments to suppliers in advance and ship the products to the destination successfully. Besides, we will do a credit investigation of your chinese factory, and this is our extra free service. We will contact your factory to provide the business license, legal personal ID card, previous VAT invoice and products information including HS codes and customs supervision conditions for us. Through this way, you can know your partner quality and reputation, and then select good quality factory. It's beneficial to both of us.



    The Process Of Applying For O/A Service

     STEP 1: TCF will do a credit investigation of you and your suppliers with a form provided to you.
     STEP 2: TCF provides this form to a chinese professional investigaton organization, then you can get a credit limit.
     STEP 3: After both parties passed the investigation, you should offer us the confirmed PI.
     STEP 4: According to the credit investigation results, we will offer the payment solution to you.
     STEP 5: We sign sales contract with you, and provide invoice, payment notice and quality confirmation letter to you.
     STEP 6: We sign purchase contract with your factory, then you pay us deposit of the goods amount.
     STEP 7: We pay all the goods money to the factory, then the factory arranges the shipment.
     STEP 8: You should pay us the balance within the certain period according to the sales contract  signed with you.


    How Can We Help You ?

    ? TCF provides advance payment service to suppliers for buyers imported from china. Hence, buyers can receive the goods first then make the payment within a certain period, like 60, 90, or even 120 days after shipping. We help buyers relieve capital pressure and the turnover problem.

    ? TCF provides buyers with advance payment without any mortgage, guarantee, or recessive consumption. With a low-interest-rate and quick loan to lend, TFC helps buyers solve capital problems.

    ? TCF can pay up to 90% of the contract goods amount in advance for buyers imported from china.



    Please complete the form below, TCF service staff will give feedback within 24 hours.


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