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    About Us
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    Introduction To TCF

    TCF is a financial service company for the international trade in China, headquartered in Beijing. Besides the finance service, TCF devotes ourselves to serve global buyers by providing the assistance in whole process of international trade, including to find the good credit suppliers, to offer the shipping service, and preparing the necessary document for the custom declaration, and so on.

    There are many good reasons for you to choose to cooperate with us

    ⑴ Professionally, as the financial service enterprise for international trade, TCF has a good team to help our clients to run the process of buying products in China and offer strategic to negotiate the price with Chinese companies.
    ⑵ Alleviate the capital pressure for the clients. As a professional financing service company, TCF dedicated to solving funding problems for importers. Our tax refund service can help the clients to reduce the cost and Our financial service can support our clients to enjoy a good payment terms.
    ⑶ About the logistic service, TCF will provide the best shipping service to the clients if needed, with lower price and good service.
    ⑷ Reduce the risk of transaction, TCF will do the investigation of the Chinese suppliers at the beginning, to avoid cooperating with some bad credit suppliers, and don’t need to worry about the shipping after payment.

    Our Mission

    To make financing easier and international trade more simple.

    Our Vision

    To be your most reliable financial supporter of international trade.

    Our Value

    Honest, Cooperation, Responsibility, Efficiency, Growth.

    Legal Statement

    This website (the Site) is published and maintained by Tian Jin Financial Trade Link Import and Export Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as TCF). By accessing, browsing, and using this Site, you are deemed to read, understand, accept and abide by all the applicable laws and regulations.
    TCF reserves the right to change, revise, and update this statement at any time without notice.

    Copyright Statement

    The copyrights of the content (including but not limited to data, texts, charts, images, audio, video clips, etc.) published in this Site are exclusive to TCF and relevant obligees. Without a prior written permission of TCF, no one is allowed to copy, transmit, publish, repaste, modify, or display any information about this Site. No one is allowed to mirror any content from this Site on the servers not belong to TCF. Any unauthorized use of this Site will be deemed as a violation to the Copyright Law of People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations, as well as related international conventions.

    Domain Name and Trademark Statement

    The domain www. global-tcf.com is exclusive to TCF. Without written authorization, no organization or individual is allowed to use it.
    All TCF trademarks used in this Site (www.loiii9.com) are registered by TCF in China and/or in other countries. Without the written permission of TCF, no organization or individual is allowed to use all or part of the trademarks in any form.

    Privacy Statement

    TCF will not disclose or transmit any registration information about users, except the following situations:
    1. TCF gets specific authorization from users.

    2. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

    3. In accordance with judgments by courts or arbitration agencies, as well as the requirements of other judicial practices.

    4. As required by relevant government departments in charge.

    5. Users violate the terms and conditions of using or destroying the interests of TCF.


    TCF makes no warranty that the content published in this Site is accurate, timely, complete, and reliable. TCF also takes no responsibility for any possible result caused by using this Site.
    TCF and relevant personnel make no warranty that you can access, browse, or use this Site at any time.
    TCF also bears no responsibility for use errors or failure to use this Site or content in it.
    Under no circumstance shall TCF and relevant personnel be liable for any decision made or action adopted by accessing to or using this Site. Neither will TCF be responsible for any direct, indirect or punitive loss, or loss of any other kind including but not limited to service interruption, data loss, or profit loss.
    TCF assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to your computers, software, hardware, IT systems, or properties caused by virus or other destructive procedures when you use this Site or download any content from this site.
    TCF and relevant personnel take no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage or loss caused by illegal access and use of the passwords, information, and content provided by this Site.

    Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

    Laws of People's Republic of China are applicable to this Site and Website Statement. People's court in the place where the headquarters of TCF is located has jurisdiction over any dispute with regard to this Site and Website Statement.


    Please complete the form below, TCF service staff will give feedback within 24 hours.

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